Thursday, July 7, 2011


 Hello Dolly!  This silly little lady just loves having her picture taken, the only hard part is that her long lashes sometimes block her darling face.  Dolly was too busy strutting her stuff to pay much attention to the other animals although I am told she loves all her feline friends.

The main reason Dolly came to the clinic was to get licensed.  Her owner Kim said that licensing is a condition of having a pet in her rental (what a responsible landlord) and in order to get her license Dolly needed to have her vaccinations updated.  From what Kim said it sounds like this sweet girl might also have a little separation anxiety, Dolly reported barks quite a bit when Kim leaves but will eventually settle down, so Kim also wanted to get a little advice about how to cope with the little chatterbox.

From everyone at the PAW Team we hope you all had a wonderful, fun-filled and, above all, safe Independence Day!

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