Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bud Clark Commons

I want to start by apologizing for the lapse in posts on the blog.  Rest assured the PAW Team is working hard to provide the best service possible to the community and I admit I was distracted by other tasks.

However, since the last post, the PAW Team has had its first clinic at the newly opened Bud Clark Commons.  It is a really amazing space that provides all kinds of services including lockers, showers, internet access and so much more and now they have opened their doors to us so that we can help serve Portland's west side population.

We got all of our stations set up well in advance so that we could get comfortable with the space.  The room provided was large, open and filled with light.  Due to the smaller space and the fact that the PAW Team had to travel with supplies to this location we took appointments rather than the normal first-come-first-served approach so that everyone who came would be guaranteed to see a veterinarian.

All the supplies were carefully sorted and the volunteers were given a brief orientation.

While our patients arrived many were subjected to the affections of the volunteers while their people filled out the requisite paperwork.

Everyone agreed at the end of the day that the clinic was a great success.  Everyone was seen in a timely manner, the staff at Bud Clark Commons was great, and the clients, four-legged and two-legged alike, were delightful.

Thank you everyone for making this clinic the triumph that it turned out to be!  Our Division Street clinic is this Sunday, mark your calendars!

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