Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sweet Sammie Sue - a tribute

Sweet Sammie Sue passed away in April of this year, most likely from cancer. We saw her in 2009 for a rather large mass on her lower eyelid, and referred her to Rose City Vet Hospital for surgery to remove it. The surgery went well, but we did not have enough funds to pay for pathology to see what kind of tumor it was. But Sweet Sammie Sue was a happy girl for another couple of years, living out her elderly years with her person SZ.

When Sweet Sammie Sue died in her sleep late one night in April, SZ left us a message, and shared with us the truly amazing story of their relationship.  He met Sweet Sammy Sue in the Mohave Desert.  He was disabled and she was feral and freaked out.  It took him four years (yes, four YEARS!) to get her to play with him without her falling to the ground, trembling. He related to this poor little dog immediately, believing that her behaviors were a reaction to abuse, as SZ had been abused as a child, raped, beaten, and locked in closets. SZ consequently struggled with addiction as an adult, but he has now been clean for 24 years. 

PAW Team is honored to have been a small part of the lives of Sweet Sammie Sue and SZ, and we salue their courage and their shared love for one another. We know Sammie Sue is waiting with a wagging tail somewhere where her loved one will find her, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge...

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